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Eight Texel traditions

There are lots of Texel traditions on the island. Among them: fishing, the Texel dialect and beachcombing. But also, the folklore festivals of Ouwe Sunderklaas and Meierblis. Here’s your guide to real Texel traditions:

1. Fishing

Oudeschild is the home port of Texel’s fishing fleet, including about 10 cutters. Every Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, the fishing boats enter the harbour, to sail out to sea again on Sunday evening. Fishing has been a major source of income on Texel for centuries.

2. Texel sheep

In the Netherlands, the Texel breed of sheep is known as ‘Texelaar’. It is extremely popular for its wool and quality meat. Every year in spring, thousands of lambs are born on Texel.

3. Beachcombing

Beachcombing is in the DNA of Texel people. These days, it is mostly a hobby, but in the past, islanders would comb the beaches for booty to help keep them afloat. They would look for anything they would be able to use. Visit beachcombing museum Schipbreuk- en juttersmuseum Flora to discover the wide variety of objects that have washed up on Texel’s beaches.

4. Sheep barns

A number of sheep barns in the Texel countryside are still being used today to store hay and other feed for the island’s sheep. There are about 70 barns left, 22 of which are listed buildings. One of these barns has been converted into Schapenmuseum, the island’s sheep museum and you can even stay at a sheep barn.

5. Texel dialect

Did you know that the island has its own dialect? The Texel dialect shows lots of similarities with West Frisian. Click here for a crash course in ‘Tessels’.

6. Traditional dress

Traditional dress used to be worn on Texel too. You can admire this dress during the summer markets in Den Burg or at De Oudheidkamer museum.

7. Texel products

Texel is unrivalled when it comes to good, honest local produce. Texel cheese, beer, asparagus and, of course, lamb. Texel products even have their own quality mark: Echt Texels Produkt. Only products that meet a specific set of criteria carry this label.

8. Traditional events

The Landbouwdag country fair and Schapenfokdag annual sheep show are events centred on Texel traditions. The weekly market in Den Burg, which is held every Monday, is also a well-established event. And, the annual Meierblis bonfire festival and Ouwe Sunderklaas folklore festival even have intangible cultural heritage status!

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