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Quality mark: Genuine Texel Product

The Association for Texel Products Promotion has been committed to Genuine Texel Products for over 30 years. With a focus on quality and sustainability. The affiliated members are located on the island and produce or process something specific to Texel.

Genuine Texel products

To become a member of the society, the manufacturer must have a product that meets some tough standards. For instance, at least 75 per cent of the production, processing and preparation or design must be done on Texel. The website www.echttexelsprodukt.nl contains a full list of the members.

Why a Genuine Texel Product?

With a Genuine Texel Product you enjoy the ultimate in what Texel has to offer. They are guaranteed to be pure products and you can taste and experience the unique island quality. With these products you can, for example, put a delicious meal on the table, enjoy a delicious Texel drink or have a pure care product in your hands.

Genuine Texel Products Cycling routes

Do you want to see for yourself where these products are made? Two original cycling routes have been plotted. These routes take you past the companies with the "Echt Texels Produkt" label. You will pass by Fruitbedrijf Molenbuurt, Kaasboerderij Wezenspyk (Cheese Farm) and Visrokerij Van der Star (Fish Smokehouse).

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