Mosterdmakerij Texel

Did you know that mustard is also made on Texel? The mustard seeds are grown on Texel and processed into delicious Texel mustard at the mustard factory in Den Burg.

Genuine Texel Product

Texel mustard has the quality mark 'Genuine Texel Product'. To qualify for this quality mark, the product must meet strict requirements. At least 75 per cent of the production, processing and preparation of the product must take place on Texel. The website includes a complete overview of all affiliated members and products.

Where to get the mustard

What makes Texel mustard so special is the addition of black mustard. This rare herb grows well on the island, especially around the mustard factory. Will you go for a coarse or spicy mustard?

Texel mustard is available at, among others, Eetlokaal Het Quelderhuijs, Ecomare, Kaasboerderij Wezenspyk, Schapenbedrijf de Waddel, Smakelijk & Meer, Voedselbos Texel and Restaurant Pollo.

Recipes with Texel mustard

Add a little Texel mustard to your (favourite) recipe for a completely different flavour, or try this Texel recipe for a culinary surprise:

Visit the mustard factory

Visit the mustard factory at the foot of the Hoge Berg. Here you can see how mustard is made, taste the different varieties and buy the various flavours of mustard. Check here for more information.

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