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Texel’s strawberries

You can pick strawberries and other fruit in the Voedselbos Texel (food forest). It’s lots of fun and a delectable day out!

The Pick-Your-Own Garden

This family business is run by the Boersen family. When they harvested their first crop of strawberries in 1994, there were so many enthusiastic buyers that they couldn’t pick enough strawberries for everyone. Then someone suggested buyers should pick the fruit themselves. And today, that is how this pick-your-own garden works: caring and responding to the land and the people.

Texel strawberries

When the strawberries are ripe, which happens throughout May, you can pick your own strawberries, during the picking days. In Zelfpluktuin Voedselbos Texel (the food forest) you can taste everything that is ripe on the spot. They let nature do the work as much as possible and everyone is allowed to harvest.

Where to buy the strawberries

The farm shop sells all sorts of produce from the garden, including homemade jams and jellies, lemonade and syrups, sauces and liquors. You can buy strawberries, red currents, blueberries and tomatoes there too.

Some of Texel’s shops, those listed below, sell the jams, jellies, sauces and syrups all year round: VVV Texel, Wezenspyk, Texelse Kost, VOC De Kade, Hoeve Vrij en Blij, Marie’s Hobbyshop, Zuivelboerderij Texel, PLUS Supermarket De Cocksdorp, Spar Supermarket Goenga and Spar Supermarkt De Krim. The products are also available online from www.texelseproducten.nl too.

At a number of hotels on Texel you can enjoy the jams from the Zelfpluktuin Voedselbos Texel during the breakfast buffet. Boutique Hotel Texel and Hotel Tatenhove, among others, serve the jam.

Recipes with Texel strawberries

If you would like to try using Texel strawberries or jam in a recipe, how about the recipes below:

Visit Voedselbos Texel

During the picking days you can harvest your own fruit for a fee. Find more info here.

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