Lamsvlees van Schapenbedrijf de Waddel VVV Texel Fotograaf Annette van Ruitenburg

Texel lamb is well-known, rated highly by many for its taste and quality. For centuries, Texel lamb has been a major export product for the island.

Excellent quality

Texel lamb is known for its exceptionally subtle, succulent flavour. The saline soil and clean sea air on Texel give the grass a salty taste. The meat of the lambs is not salty but is of excellent quality thanks to the natural conditions. It contains more antioxidants and vitamin E. As a result, the meat doesn’t go brown as quickly and so has a lovely pink appearance.

Seasonal product

In spring, about 22,000 lambs are born. They roam around freely with their mothers in the fields. Texel pasture lamb comes from lambs that have spent a minimum of one hundred days in the fields and grazed on saline grass. Every year, lamb season starts on 1 June, which is when fresh lamb is available in restaurants and (farm) shops.

Quality mark ‘Echt Texels Produkt’

The green and black logo with 'Echt Texels Produkt' indicates that the lamb is from Texel bred sheep.

Try Texel lamb

You can buy lamb meat at various butcher's shops and farm shops of Schapenbedrijf De Waddel, Boerderij Hoogvliet, De Hoge Kamp, Schapenboerderij Westerweg and Schapenboerderij Texel. Lamb meat are on the menu at Taveerne De 12 Balcken, Restaurant Vogelhuis Oranjerie and BOSQ.

Lamb recipes

Fancy cooking a dish with Texel lamb? Check out the following recipes:

More about Texel sheep

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