Ouwe sunderklaas den burg VVV Texel Sytske Dijsen

Ouwe Sunderklaas

Every year on December 12, the Texel people celebrate. It is then Ouwe Sunderklaas, the island's most popular festival. Will you also experience this special party?


During Ouwe Sunderklaas players in each village re-enact the highlights and lowlights of the past year, known as ‘speulen’ in the Texel dialect. As with the English ‘mummers’ tradition, the ‘speulers’ (or players) are disguised, and tackle topical events.

For young and old

Ouwe Sunderklaas is for both young and old. Things get started for the children from 17.00. Often they will have created their own disguises and sketches. Then come the adults with the most varied costumes. Each town has a jury which evaluates the ‘speulers’ for their creativity, topicality and performance. The prizes are awarded after the parade.

Party in every town

Ouwe Sunderklaas occurs in all the island’s towns, and guarantees an entertaining evening. After the parades Ouwe Sunderklaas concludes in the town café.

The morning after...

The day after Ouwe Sunder, many Texelers gather once again in the bars for ‘naklazen’, when they polish off the last of the stock.

Are you on Texel on 12 December. Then having a look at Ouwe Sunder is definitely worth the effort!

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