Snoepgoed en zakje met Sinterklaas VVV Texel

Saint Nicholas' island

End of November, Saint Nicholas and his helpers arrive at the port of Oudeschild. Time to look forward to ginger nuts, a great atmosphere and presents in your shoe.

Celebrate Saint Nicholas on Texel

Did you know that Texel is also known as Saint Nicholas' island? That's because he arrives here by steamboat, via the port of Oudeschild, every year. He can always rely on a warm welcome from Texel's younger residents, who all come down to the quay to see him and his helpers. Then, laden down with handfuls of ginger nuts and sweets, everyone sets off into Den Burg, where the festive procession starts. You can even follow this unique entry live on the webcam of Oudeschild!

A visit from Saint Nicholas

Do you want Saint Nicholas and his Pieten to visit you on Texel? This is possible! Call Stichting Sint en Piet on Texel for an appointment: +31619289803 or mail to:

We wish you a beautiful Saint Nicholas party!

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