Sea lavender in De Slufter with sunset


Enjoy the seasons on Texel! The largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands is a fantastic holiday destination, regardless of the weather and guarantees a wonderful stay all year round. Texel is a great place for a holiday in all seasons.

Take spring, for example, a time for new life, when the lambs frisk through the meadows. The summer is a good time for visiting the beach or long cycle rides to enjoy the sun. It is worthwhile visiting Texel in autumn to see the wildlife and even in winter it is great to get out, to feel the wind in your hair on the Texel beaches, watch the rough waves rolling over the shore and see the numerous birds circling around as they forage for food.

All year round, Texel's countryside offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself and relax. Not surprisingly, a large part of the island is protected as a national park: De Duinen van Texel National Park includes the entire dune region from De Hors and stretches as far as the lighthouse.

In addition, Texel has a very full diary of events and various activities and events are organised in each season. There's always something to do on Texel!

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