Lammetje rent door tulpenveld VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

Spring on Texel

Lambs frisking in the meadows and colourful bulb fields - new life has arrived. It's spring again. Come and enjoy the pleasant spring sunshine on Texel.

After a long winter you probably want to enjoy the budding nature and the first warm rays of the sun. Would you like to take a nice walk along the beach, browse the cozy shops or enjoy cycling through the dune area? Then come to our beautiful island! Texel gives you the ultimate spring feeling.

Little Lambs on Texel

The Lambs cycleroute will lead you to the loveliest places on the island where you will see meadows dotted with lambs. Have you ever felt the need to cuddle a lamb's fluffiness? Well you can do just that from the end of February onwards at Schapenboerderij Texel, just outside Den Burg. At the farm, lambs are born daily and you will learn more about the breed of Texel sheep.

Cycling along the flower bulb fields

We can really recommend a bike ride through the bulb fields of Texel in the springtime. From April to about mid-May you can make a trip through the most beautiful fields of the Texel bulb growers. You will find the flower bulb fields especially in the south and north of the island. Enjoy the colors!

The largest colony of spoonbills in the Netherlands

An important symbol of Texel's wildlife is the spoonbill. In De Geul wildlife area, you can see the largest colony of spoonbills in the Netherlands, which reside here from early spring to summer. These elegant white birds feel very at home here because their largest predator, the fox, does not live on the island. You can book excursions to De Geul through Ecomare.

A Texel tradition: the meierblis

Every year on 30 April, celebratory bonfires are lit all over Texel. These meierblissen now part of Texel's cultural heritage, were once intended to drive out the winter spirits. You are cordially invited to watch one of the large village bonfires, but don't be afraid if your face is painted black by one of the Texel residents - it's all part of the tradition.

More about spring on Texel

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