Bulb fields on Texel

Highly recommended in spring is a cycle tour along the Texel flower bulb fields. From April to around mid-May, you can take a tour along the most beautiful fields of the Texel flower bulb growers. You will find the flower bulb fields mainly in the south and north of the island. Enjoy the magnificent colours!

Types of flowers

You will come across fields of tulips, daffodils, crocuses and hyacinths. Of course, this is a beautiful sight and you can also take great photos of it. You can also see the poppy in early summer. These are sown on Texel and used for poppy seeds.


If you go to the south of Texel, it is easy to find the flower fields. They can be found around Den Hoorn in particular. If you go to the north of Texel, the best place to go is the Eierlandpolder. A huge field of poppies can be found in Driehuizen, near Den Burg.

Wild flowers

Want to see even more beautiful flowers? Then go and search wild flowers, such as the fragrant honeysuckle in the dunes. Or pay a visit to Tuinderij Texel, where you can adopt your own square metre of flower field.

A little later in spring, from late May onwards, wild orchids are abundant, for example. A good place to see orchids is Waalenburg.

Buying flower bulbs

In autumn, there are several roadside stalls where you can buy flower bulbs! A nice gift to give to those back home or to yourself, of course.

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