Lambs at the lighthouse

5 tips for spring on Texel

Here on Texel, we have new-born lambs bouncing about the meadows, countless wild orchids and the most hours of sun in the Netherlands: spring is more fun on Texel. Here are 5 tips for an unforgettable holiday.

1. Come and watch our lambs

Schapen in de wei voor een stolpboerderij VVV Texel fotograaf Sjoerd Moleman
Schapen in de wei voor een stolpboerderij VVV Texel fotograaf Sjoerd Moleman
Photographer: Sjoerd Moleman

Spring is synonymous with lambs and they are everywhere on the island. We even have a Little Lamb bike trail, a 35-kilometre route that guides you past the island’s most sheep-filled pastures. At Texel Sheep Farm, you can even cuddle these cute little lambs!

2. Fun at the beach

Texel has thirty – yes, really – kilometres of beaches, perfect for a lovely walks on the sands with the gentle warmth of the spring sun on your face. In March, all the beach cafés are rebuilt, so why not sit back and enjoy some good Texel beer on the deck?

3. The Meierblis

The Meierblis, held every year at sunset on 30 April, is one of the customs and festivities that are unique to our island. The Meierblis is a bonfire to celebrate the coming of spring and light.

4. Orchids

In the rest of the Netherlands, orchids are very rare, but on Texel, in June, there are countless in bloom, so come and see orchids in the wild. De Horspolders, De Muy and De Bol are a few of the places where the rarer varieties of this flower grow.

5. Texel lamb and asparagus

It’s brilliant combination in spring: Texel lamb and locally grown asparagus. Restaurants all over the island have them on the menu but if you want to cook them yourself, buy your ingredients from Goënga, the butcher’s in Den Hoorn and Bert and Meina Keijser’s asparagus nursery.

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