Vrouw op de strandopgang in de lente VVV Texel fotograaf Dominique van Midden

5 X Mother's Day on Texel

Do you want to do something original for Mother's Day this year? Then come to Texel! Cuddling lambs, enjoying the beach, relaxing in a wellness centre or visiting Voedselbos Texel (food forest). Texel is absolutely the nicest place to give mothers their ultimate treat!

1. Enjoy the beach

Vrouw op de strandopgang in de lente VVV Texel fotograaf Dominique van Midden
Photographer: Dominque van Midden

Come and enjoy together the relaxed atmosphere of Texel’s beaches! Texel has some 30 kilometres of beach and plenty of cosy beach cafés.

2. Discover the wellness options

Zonsondergang bekijken vanuit de jacuzzi bij Boutique Hotel Texel VVV Texell

After that wonderful day in the fresh outdoor air, something more to enjoy? The island has several wellness options. Woolness is unique to Texel: half an hour of relaxing in a wool-bath while wrapped in real Texel sheep’s wool.

3. Culinary treat

Or do you want to enjoy culinary delights together? Then join a tour at Wijngaard De Kroon on Texel and finish with a wine-tasting. Voedselbos Texel (food forest) is also worth a visit! Here you can pick fruit, vegetables and flowers yourself during the picking days.

4. Cuddle a lamb together

Lammetje bij Schapenboerderij Texel VVV Texel
Photographer: Schapenboerderij Texel

You can cuddle lambs at Schapenboerderij Texel! Lambs are born every day, and with a bit of luck you might also be able to see that.

5. Texel gifts

You’ll find the finest gifts for Mother’s Day in the VVV shop ! From Texel skincare products to real Texel-love tea!

Feel like coming to Texel for Mother’s Day?

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You can find more ideas for Mother’s Day on Texel in the What’s On section on our website.

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