5 reasons for a holiday on Texel in June

Named after the Roman goddess Juno, the month of June is also sometimes called the summer month. This is the month when the meteorological summer starts.

You can't beat a holiday on Texel in June. Five reasons to come to Texel in June follow below:

1. Great weather

Does good weather bring you outdoors? If so, you should definitely come to Texel in June, when the cold nights of early spring have gone and the long hot days of summer are still to come. The average maximum temperature on Texel is about 18 degrees in June. This makes it the ideal time for anyone who enjoys active holidays!

2. Long days

The summer solstice is on 21 June. This is the date when the sun reaches its most southerly position on Texel and it's the longest day of the year too. So, June is the ideal month to enjoy long evenings on a welcoming terrace on the island!

3. Nice and quiet

The beaches, restaurants, museums and terraces on Texel are far less busy in June than they are during school holidays. What could be better for anyone wanting to enjoy the peace and space that Texel has to offer at their leisure?

4. The most beautiful nature

Wild orchids are very rare in the Netherlands. Did you know that you can find them in abundance on Texel? These special flowers bloom literally everywhere on the island in June in particular! Poppies turn the island into a sea of red too! You can even adopt a piece of Texel flower meadow at Tuinderij Texel.

5. Lower prices

In June, you will pay slightly less for a holiday home, hotel, bed & breakfast or campsite pitch than you would do at the height of the high season. If you aren't tied to school holidays, why not profit from low prices by taking some time out for a short break in June

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