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If, after becoming inspired by the lovely Texel, you want to be creative or feel the need to express your artistic tendencies, you can choose from a large number of workshops given by artists.

Workshops on Texel

Texel artists will show you the tricks of the trade while you discover your artistic talent at a friendly and relaxed workshop. We have listed some of the great options below.

Bij de Pomp

Artist Paulien Valk hosts painting workshops for beginners and more experienced artists on location. She will teach you how to use acrylic paints to create beautiful pictures. She also arranges special workshops for children and groups. If the weather is bad, the workshops are held in the artist's studio.

Daan van Loenhout

In the summer months, Daan van Loenhout holds painting workshops in De Slufter. For children, he organises workshops on drawing farm animals.


At Texelkunst, organised by artist Angelina van der Vliet, you can learn how to paint cows' heads in the cow sheds at Labora ice-cream farm.

Workshops Working with Clay - ‘Movement becomes form’ led by sculptural ceramic artist Kerstin Edelmann

The focus is on experiencing the ancient material of clay, modelling from the participant’s own movement, and feeling. A one-off morning or afternoon workshop lasts three hours. Depending on the theme, there are also workshops where participants work several times. There is room for four participants in an atmospheric work area next to the atelier, situated in the former teacher’s house of Zuid-Eierland. Ideally, workshops are organised on Tuesdays; option to schedule them on a different day for groups by agreement. De Eiland Galerij for more information

Workshops in Zelfpluktuin Voedselbos Texel (food forest)

On Wednesday and Saturday afternoons: workshops on sculpting in soft stone and soapstone and also flower painting on canvas or paper and flower drawing. Two other workshops: painting by the sea and beachcombing art by the sea. Fun days out for the family, friends. Team-building trips can be organised on request: Door Dogger

Artex-arts school Texel

At Artex-arts school Texel you will love the arts education in the broadest sense of the word: lectures and performances to music-, dance-and theatre courses to workshops in the field of visual art, philosophy and writing.

Workshop Hand Engraving & Enamel

Do you also want to make a nice souvenir during your stay on Texel? JMJ Art and Craft offers you unique short, long and intensive courses for hobbyists and professionals. Suitable for young and old. Create your own jewelry, key ring, name tag etc. By appointment in your own studio or on location in (group) accommodation or as a team building.

Workshops ceramic painting & landscape painting

At Artex Kunstenschool Texel, artist Maurice Christo van Meijel provides long-term and short courses in painting and graphics. During weekends and school holidays, he works from Galerie Posthuys and offers various day workshops.

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