Schapenboet in het weiland VVV Texel fotograaf Rick Kuijten

Visit sheep sheds

Do you know the half-sheds that stand here and there in the meadows on Texel? Maybe you already know they are called schapenboeten? Would you like to take a look inside one? We list the tips for you!

1. The Sheep Museum

At the Sheep Museum you can learn about the typical Texel landscape, including the sheep pen. The question of why they have one straight side is answered here. The museum is located directly behind Kaasboerderij Wezenspyk and is free to visit.

2. Spend the night in a sheep pen

Want a real Texel experience? Then spend the night in a sheep pen. This is possible at Schapenboet de Boet. The unique holiday home is surrounded by a large piece of private land and you have a beautiful view of meadows with grazing sheep.

3. The Waddel

At sheep farm De Waddel, you can go on a walk with the sheep farmer. During this walk, you will also see the farm's sheep pen. In the summer, it is possible to join a Texel barbecue here! You can contact De Waddel for this.

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