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Three days on Texel? You want to see this!

Texel is the biggest of all Frisian islands. While the island boasts many amenities (such as a cinema, theatre, and even an airport), visitors particularly enjoy its varied natural beauty.

A great Texel getaway

Texel is easily accessible and the crossing takes just 20 minutes. This makes the island a perfect destination for a short break away from it all. Naturally, you want to make the most of all the wonderful things Texel has to offer, even if you are only spending a few days on our island.

To help you do this, we suggest you try the following programme which allows you to see as much of the island as possible in three days:

Day 1

What better way to start your stay on Texel than with a visit to Ecomare, the centre for the Waddenzee and North Sea. Apart from various exhibitions on the nature of the Wadden, you can also go see the rescued seals that have found a temporary home here. For lunch, it’s off to Texel Airport Restaurant De Vlijt, where, on a clear day, you can watch parachutists of the Parachutists’ Training Centre jump. Situated within cycling distance of the airfield is the starting point of De Slufter and De Muy, the most special nature reserves on Texel.

Day 2

Today, you will learn all about the Dutch East India Company past of Texel at Kaap Skil Museum in the charming little port of Oudeschild. Fish lovers can tuck into a portion of cod parings at a fish stand or savour a culinary lunch at a seafood restaurant. In the afternoon, you can take a leisurely walk in and around Oudeschild. This is where the Dutch East India Company fleet used to be anchored off the Rede van Texel. A walk along the Skillepaadje footpath is particularly lovely. And do also take a look around the Wezenputten wells.

Day 3

The Second World War has left its marks on Texel. Today, you will be taking a look around the Georgian cemetery where those killed in the Georgian Uprising are buried. Afterwards, you will visit the bunker complex in the dunes in Den Hoorn. Paal 9 (open summer and winter), a beach pavilion situated within walking distance of the bunker complex, is a lovely place to have lunch.

You end the afternoon in Den Burg, the biggest town on the island. Here, you can have fun shopping and treat yourself to a Texel beer on a terrace in the town centre.

Accommodation on Texel

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