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Activities for children

Texel is a paradise for children - there is fun to be had everywhere! They can go looking for hidden treasure on the beach or exploring in the Texel woods. Have your children already met the Sommeltjes? These mysterious creatures dance in the moonlight but perhaps you'll spot them if you explore the Sommeltjespad.

There's so much for kids to do

Children love holidays on Texel: they can run wild in the country or on the beach and enjoy all the attractions and sights.There is plenty to do for them here. Bet they want to go back again?

Watching seals

Even if the weather is bad, there is plenty to do on Texel. How about a trip to Ecomare, where you can meet the seals face-to-face or watch the sea birds? The Water Hall has lots of challenges and fun facts about the Wadden Sea region and the North Sea. In the summer, there are extra activities for children. Another favourite is a trip on a shrimp cutter or on a cruise ship. Oudeschild and near by De Cocksdorp are a range of options for boat trips.

It's playtime

If the kids need to let off steam, why not take them climbing at Klimpark Texel in De Cocksdorp where they can scramble and clamber a few metres off the ground? The very young will have lots of fun at the indoor playground Kinderspeelparadijs at De Krim Holiday Park. Midget golf courses are to be found at various locations on the island. De Koog has an indoor swimming pool and in the summer months, you can visit the outdoor baths Molenkoog in Den Burg.

Visit a farmhouse

Are you looking for something different to do? Pay a visit to a real farmhouse!

Texel is frequently host to events and activities that are suitable for the whole family. A list is available in our agenda.

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