Activiteiten voor kinderen bij Museum Kaap Skil VVV Texel

Fun museums for children

Want to know which museums are awesome to go to with the kids? We will give you some tips!

1. Ecomare

You can learn a lot at Ecomare. In addition to seals, birds and fish, you will find the largest skeleton in the Netherlands! There are also exhibitions you can view. For example, about the mud flats, the sea and the animals that live around Texel.

2. Museum Kaap Skil

Museum Kaap Skil has an interactive exhibition which is very interesting for children. This way you can learn more about the maritime past of Texel. The kids can have fun with bingo at Museum Kaap Skil. Take the bingo card from the ticket office and go around the museum looking for the items depicted. Who will have bingo first?

3. Maritime and Beachcomber's Museum Flora

In Maritime and Beachcomber's museum Flora there is a large number of objects that were washed ashore years ago. Anchors, buoys and even an aircraft engine have been found on the Texel beach over the years. A scavenger hunt has been set up for children. In addition to the scavenger hunt, there is also a large playground where children can have fun.

4. Museum Waelstee

Go back in time and experience what farm life used to be like on Texel. In museum Waelstee, you will find various exhibitions with their own theme. You can learn about arable farming, pasture farming or transport. There are regular demonstrations and for children there is a fun puzzle trail with questions about how farming families lived on Texel 100 years ago.

5. Lighthouse

Texel's sturdy red lighthouse is also worth climbing with the kids! At 45 meters high you have a beautiful view over the sea and can see very far if it the weather is clear. While you climb the stairs, you will be given information about the history of the lighthouse in a fun way.


This and other Texel museums organize many more activities. Check them out in the agenda.

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