Paddenstoelen in het bos VVV Texel

7 tips for an autumn trip on Texel

Clear your head with a long walk along the beach, search for mushrooms in the forest, warm up by the fireplace and spot rare birds during the bird migration. On Texel you get the best out of autumn!

1. Kite flying on the beach

During Family Festival Texel in the first weekend of October, the sky will be filled with all sorts of kites, some plain and simple and others intricate and beautiful. There will also be spectacular surfing and kite-surfing demonstrations on the beach.

2. Experience the darkness

Nights on Texel are really very dark! During the Nacht van de Nacht (Night of the Night) you can go stargazing at the observatory or go on a night excursion of Ecomare.

3. Discover the blues

Autumn’s golden combination: raw blues music and stormy Texel bock beer. Enjoy both at TexelBlues, the first weekend of October.

4. Bird watching

Of all the migrating birds that pass through in the Netherlands, most stop off at Texel, including some very rare species. Go on your own or book a birding excursion. View our agenda for current excursions.

5. Search for mushrooms

Why not go on a mushroom excursion with an expert? There’s a whole world (of mushrooms) at your feet! You can book this excursion through Ecomare.

6. Relax with woolness

Feeling the cold and the wet? Woolness is Texel’s answer to wellness: they’ll wrap you up in sheep’s wool. It’s soothing and warm for both body and soul.

7. Get some fresh air on the beach

Autumn is the perfect time for long walks on the beach. Many of the beach cafés are open all through the autumn and winter. Warm your toes around the fireplace while you sip hot chocolate or a Juttertje.

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