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Tips for a Texel games evening

Are you fond of board games? Rummikub is a true holiday classic! Read our tips for a special Texel games evening and organise a cosy time during your winter getaway! Did you know that the shop also has games with a Texel flavour, such as puzzles, quartet, cards, colouring books and a free children's magazine with fun games in it?

1. Bring a stack of games with you

Which of your favourite (board) games would you like to play for an evening? Don’t forget to take them on holiday with you!

2. Choose accommodation with a log fire

Photographer: De Pelikaan Vakantiewoningen

A log fire crackling in the background will add a finishing touch to your games evening. Are you looking for accommodation for a winter getaway? Here are some places to stay that feature a wood burner or log fire.

3. Enjoy Texel finger food

Of course, no game evening is complete without a selection of snacks! Why not serve some Texel crisps, Texel cheese, lamb sausage, chocolates from De Texelse Chocolaterie or some French bread from Bakker Timmer? You can also indulge in some nibbles from Smakelijk & Meer or De Oude Vismarkt van Texel.

4. Drink a toast with Texel tipples

Did you win? Or do you need to drown your losses in drink? A wide variety of drinks are made on Texel and any one of them will enhance your evening of games. Drink a toast with a craft beer from of our breweries, a Texel gin-and-tonic, a glass of Texel wine or go for one of the non-alcoholic options.

5. Provide background music

Of course, music plays in the background with a real game night. You can find various playlists with the nicest tunes on the Spotify account of VVV Texel.

6. Board games in special locations

Spelletjes spelen
Spelletjes spelen
Photographer: Liselotte Schoo

If you never tire of board games, remember that a number of restaurants and cafés will let you bring along a game — but please ask before you set it up. If you’ve forgotten to bring your board game, don’t worry, Taveerne De Twaalf Balcken has a whole pile to choose from.

7. GPS treasure hunt

Wintertime on Texel is wonderful! So how about exploring the island with a game? Get out there and go geocaching!

How was your games evening on Texel? Please let us know on Instagram! Make sure to tag @vvvtexel in your story.

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