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Texel gin and tonic cocktail

With this recipe you can make a tasty Texel gin and tonic at home in no time. That is guaranteed to enjoy!

Stokerij Texel’s TX Gin is a soft, herbal gin with tones of sea buckthorn and elderflower. It's a fresh, tasty gin that’s equally enjoyable neat or in cocktails.

Stokerij Texel recommends that you use Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic when making a Texel gin and tonic cocktail. This is a variation on classic tonic water and includes natural elderflower extract - of course!

What you’ll need to make one gin and tonic cocktail:

Ice cubes
Half a small bottle of tonic water (100 ml)
Bar spoon (optional)
TX Gin (50 ml) from Stokerij Texel
Borage (optional)

How to make a Texel gin and tonic cocktail:

Step 1: fill three-quarters of your TX Gin glass with ice cubes, to keep the TX Gin extra cool. Stir the ice cubes for 10-15 seconds. Next, drain off the excess melted ice water.
Step 2: arrange a slice of cucumber in the glass.
Step 3: add about 100 ml of tonic to the cocktail. Do this via the long handle of a bar spoon, to stop bubbles escaping as you pour tonic into the glass.
Step 4: garnish with a slice of grapefruit - either by sliding it onto the rim of the glass or by adding it to the cocktail itself.
Step 5: pour 50 ml of TX Gin into the glass. Stir the contents of the glass now to blend the different flavours to perfection.
Step 6: (optional) add the finishing touch to your cocktail: borage.

Good luck and cheers!

Sales outlets

A number of shops on Texel sell TX Gin: Slijterij Smidt Witte, Slijterij & Wijnhandel de Wit, Jumbo (De Koog), PLUS Hooijschuur and Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis. Alternatively, buy it online, direct from Stokerij Texel.

At restaurant Quinty's you can drink the TX Gin with the Elderflower Tonic. Many restaurants have their own variation of the TX gin and tonic on the menu. From one with rosemary and blueberries at Kaap Noord to one with samphire at Visrestaurant 't Pakhuus. Beach pavilion Paal 17, Beachclub Texel, Hotel De Lindeboom and Paal 15 Texel also serve a TX gin and tonic.

This article was produced in collaboration with Stokerij Texel.

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