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Saline vegetables from Texel

Did you know that the sea around Texel is full of healthy vegetables? In fact, the Wadden Sea is the world’s most seaweed-rich area!

Vegetables from the sea

Salty vegetables are becoming increasingly popular. And that’s hardly surprising: they’re packed with healthy nutrients and add a natural salty taste to dishes. From the common ice plant to sea lavender and from sea beet to sea lettuce: the sea is one huge vegetable garden! Take a bucket to the Wadden Sea and you'll be amazed just how many edible vegetables you can find.

Tasting saline vegetables

On the beach you can taste the freshly stranded saline vegetables, while the various species are easy to harvest on the mudflats at low tide (do make sure you know what you’re picking). Saline vegetables are on the menu at among others Restaurant het Kook Atelier.

Recipes with saline vegetables

Would you like to prepare a dish with Texel seaweed? Then check out the following recipes:

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