Corona measures on Texel


Get out and about in the Texel countryside! Nature on and around Texel is unique. Nowhere else will you find so many different landscapes on such a limited surface as on Texel. A large dune area with a lot of variation, a mixed deciduous and pine forest, heath, extensive beaches, the mudflats and salt marshes with special vegetation. But also meadow and arable area, sloping terrain and polders. In short, an ideal habitat for a large number of plant and animal species, which sometimes only occur here. Nowhere else in the Netherlands can you see so many different bird species as on Texel. Thanks to this variation in landscapes, they all find their own food and breeding area here. And because of Texel's location, migratory birds flock here to regain their strength during their world trip. Discover it for yourself! Go out or go on an excursion.

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