Nature reserves

Texel has around 40 spectacular nature reserves each of which can be explored on foot or by bike. Come an discover this special corner of the Netherlands for yourself!

As soon as you set foot on Texel, a National Park awaits. From the ferry terminal in the south, there is an uninterrupted belt of dunes along the 30-kilometre long island’s west coast, culminating in its northernmost tip where the lighthouse is situated. Whether you like walking, cycling or birdwatching, or you prefer to explore by mountain-bike or perhaps in your running shoes, Texel’s eclectic mix of nature reserves offers a magnificent backdrop against which to enjoy the island’s scenery. On the east side of the island, Natuurmonumenten manages many bird sanctuaries such as Utopia and Wagejot, which you can take a nice trip along by bike. For a forest walk you can go to De Dennen or the newer Krimbos.

The map of Texel provides an excellent overview of locations for all nature reserves. The map is available at VVV Texel.

Texel nature reserves

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