De Muy

Between De Koog and De Slufter lies nature reserve De Muy. The area consists of dunes, an elongated plain, meadows and a small forest called the Warship. The southernmost part (from the parking area at beach post 21) is called De Nederlanden, and here there is a beautiful sheep pen.


Unlike in De Slufter, man did manage to reclaim a stretch of beach here. A dike has been built separating De Muy from the salty Slufter Valley.

Animals and plants

In De Muy, you will find the oldest spoonbill colony in the wadden region and unusual plants, such as various types of orchids. It is a popular bird area, where you can encounter the nightingale, bluethroat, hen harrier, short-eared owl, long-eared owl, whitethroat and more birds. The Muy is grazed by Galloway cattle. These small black cattle without horns walk here all year round and keep the area open. Always keep your distance when encountering them.

Viewing point

Viewing point the Bertusnol is named after a Forestry Commission bird watcher. It is a tough staircase to climb but once you reach the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view of the Muy and De Slufter.


Fancy a brisk walk? Then go for our route through De Muy and De Slufter.

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