Duinen Justin Sinner vrijtegebruiken

De Hors is a unique nature reserve in the south of Texel, largely consisting of a huge sandy plain. If you walk here, you will have a wonderful view of the sea. You can see new dunes forming here. Once the small dunes are high enough, plants resistant to salt and wind grow on them. First biestar grass and later marram grass. This way, more sand continues to 'stick' and dune rows can form. De Hors is the only area on Texel where new dunes form.

The Hors is an important nesting area for birds such as the tern, black-headed gull and avocet. Several rare plant species are also found here, such as blue sea holly, sea breeze, sea fennel and sea spurge.

There are footpaths where you can quietly discover the beautiful nature. On De Hors, it is unlikely that you will run into anyone. You can walk freely, with the exception of the area where the little terns nest. You reach De Hors by taking the paved path between the Horsmeertjes in the direction of the beach from the car park on Mokweg. You can also walk via Paal 9 to the Hors via the beach.

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