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Nature reserve Waalenburg on Texel is a unique piece of Dutch nature, managed by Natuurmonumenten. Located in the centre of the island, the area is a popular spot for birdwatchers.


Waalenburg is a former salt marsh area. The polder was created in 1654 by construction of the Ruigendijk. Natuurmonumenten bought the first piece of nature on the island of Texel here in 1909. A number of measures were taken to protect the nature reserve. Part of the area is no longer accessible and Natuurmonumenten only mows the grassland after 15 July. This gives the meadow birds ample time to raise their young. There is also a special arrangement for water management to keep the groundwater at the right level. All this has ensured that Waalenburg plays an important role in preserving biodiversity in the Netherlands.

De Marel nature centre

On Nieuwlanderweg is the nature centre De Marel. In the shop you will find bird food, binoculars, nesting boxes, bird books, games and many more products related to (Texel's) nature. There are also many stuffed birds in beautiful display cases, so you can study them up close. Excursions regularly start from the centre and children can play inside and outside.

Orchids and other plants

In the wet meadows of Waalenburg, countless flowers such as orchids and large rattle grow. Because the polder lies so low, the water is brackish in some places. Here you find typical salt marsh plants such as salt marsh samphire and glasswort. These plants stand up well to the salty water. In May and June, you can look for rare orchids such as the harlequin orchid. You can also find numerous butterflies and insects.

Meadow birds

Waalenburg is best known for its birds. The area is an important breeding ground for several species of meadow birds such as the black-tailed godwit, lapwing and redshank. There are also birds of prey such as the marsh harrier and the peregrine falcon. In the water you often see spoonbills foraging and in spring the larks give a beautiful concert. The area is therefore a popular spot for birdwatchers. Viewing screens have been installed at De Hertenkamp and the Westerkolk.

Walking and cycling

For those who want to visit Waalenburg, various walking and cycling routes have been mapped out that take you past the most beautiful spots of the area, also accompanied by a guide. This way, you can learn all about Waalenburg's special flora and fauna. The area plays an important role in preserving biodiversity in the Netherlands, so it is definitely worth a visit.

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