Texel Icecream

Fancy an ice cream? On Texel, ice cream is made from cow's and sheep's milk. You can get it at several great locations.

Labora ice cream farm

Labora uses fresh milk and cream from its own dairy cows, which graze in the meadows, as the basis for its delicious ice cream. Labora only works with natural ingredients and with genuine Texel products as much as possible, and you can taste that! Enjoy your ice cream at one of the picnic tables in the garden. When your ice cream is finished, you can take a look in the barn, where about 120 cows are milked by milking robots. Children can have fun on a large bouncy castle, a climbing tower and a slide. Also very nice is the meadow where deer walk. And little calves can be admired regularly. Ideal place for a family outing!

Ice cream from Novalishoeve

Near Den Hoorn, you will find Novalishoeve. A farm with day café, bakery, edible garden, shop, cheese dairy and ice cream workshop! At Novalishoeve, fresh ice cream and sorbet ice cream is made. It starts in the meadow, where the cows produce whole milk in peace and quiet. The ice cream season runs nicely parallel to the period when the 'ladies' walk outside. They eat a variety of herbs and grass, which gives the milk a powerful flavour. All ingredients used are organic. Own milk, cream, yoghurt, cottage cheese, fruit and herbs are used. So you only taste 'real' ingredients, no flavour pastes or aromas!

Emmies ice cream - sheep's milk ice cream from De Waddel

The centuries-old farmhouse De Waddel, at the foot of the Hoge Berg, sells sheep's cheese and real Texel lamb from its farm shop. A new product has recently become available: Emmies ice cream made from Texel sheep's milk. De Waddel works with seasons: lambing season, milk/cheese/ice cream season, mating season, and even resting season. This follows the natural cycle of the sheep and nature. After spring, milking is gradually phased out until about mid-September. This means that ice cream can only be made between May and September. Several flavours are available: strawberry, vanilla and sea buckthorn. This delicious, unique ice cream is definitely worth trying!

Ice cream from Ans

You can come across Ans' mobile ice cream cart at various places on the island on nice summer days. Ans sells fruit ice cream with real fruit and without colourings. Her speciality is the sheep's milk buckthorn ice cream. So if you come across her on a beautiful day and you are craving an ice cream, wave to Ans and she will stop in front of you to scoop a delicious ice cream.

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