Texelse bockbiertjes van Texelse Bierbrouwerij en Familiebrouwerij DIKS VVV Texel

Bock beer from Texel

When on Texel the colours of nature slowly change to red and gold, then lovers know: it is time for bock beer! The bock beer period runs from October to February, so you can enjoy this special type of beer for a long time.

The bock beer breweries

The Texel Brewery creates an autumn Bock beer which has already garnered a host of awards as the tastiest and best bock beer in the country. With an alcohol percentage of 10%, their Stormbock is also the heaviest specialty beer from their brewery.

But also Familiebrouwerij Diks creates Bock beer, the Razende BOK and Slufterbok. This bock beer owes its name to the sandbar south of Texel, the Razende Bol. Slufterbok is named after the De Slufter nature reserve.

The Brouwerij TX also makes the TX Stoombock. This Stoombock takes its name from the method of fermentation. TX Stoombock is the first bock beer in the world to be brewed using this method.

You can also go for a bock beer at the small-scale De Boei Brewery. The beer is called Skeepebock and is only available from the barrel at Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis.

You can also enjoy a bock beer at the small-scale De Boei Brewery. The beer is called Boeiende Bock and is available at Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis, Café De Slock, De Twaalf Balcken and Slijterij Smidt Witte, among others.

Drinking Bock beer on Texel

Many types of Texel beer are available in the island’s hospitality outlets throughout the year. In the autumn months you can order the Texel bock beers in many cafés and restaurants. The real beer enthusiasts prefer their bock beer straight from the tap. For us, a bock beer in Taveerne De Twaalf Balcken or – from Tuesdays through Saturdays – in the Texel brewery’s tasting room is a great idea. And of course after a beach walk at a beach pavilion!

Bock beer in the kitchen

Anyone who thinks that the Texel bock beers are only delicious as a ‘normal’ beer is mistaken. Bock beer can also create a real taste sensation in the kitchen. Texels Bock is delicious in combination with game and meat stews, or stir some bock through the dough of crêpes or cake, absolutely worth a try! Tip: try the recipe oysters in Texel beer.

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