Texelse bockbiertjes van Texelse Bierbrouwerij en Familiebrouwerij DIKS VVV Texel

Back in 1980, there were only thirteen breweries actually in operation in the Netherlands. However, that's all changed and since as recently as 2014, a hundred new brands of beer have been introduced to the country, and the Netherlands is making its mark as a country that produces a good range of beers.

Breweries on Texel

Texel's beer has acquired a reputation too: various kinds of Texel beer have won national prizes and many restaurants and cafés "across the water" serve Texel beer. If you visit the island, you might like to sample some Texel beer or go on a tour of a brewery.

Texelse Bierbrouwerij

The Texels Bierbrouwerij is the largest and most famous brewery on the island. The famous Skuumkoppe comes from this brewery. During the Texels Experience you will learn more about the history of the company and how the beer is made. At the end you get a tasting board with different Texel beers and a Texel beer glass to take home.

Familiebrouwerij Diks

De Familiebrouwerij Diks was founded in 2017. It is a real family business: Maurice and Helma are at the helm together with their daughter and sons. They brew new flavors and styles of beer that the family did not brew before for Texel. The beers are only available on Texel, in supermarkets, liquor stores and restaurants.

Bierbrouwerij De Boei

De Bonte Belevenis Estate also brews beer, at De Boei brewery. There are tours of the brewery and distillery at De Bonte Belevenis several times a day; the guides have a lovely way of explaining how the craftsmen produce the beers, whisky, cordials and herb bitters and every now and again, the estate organises beer brewing lessons. You can also buy beer at the brewery, it is then possible to take a look around the brewing kettles. Guided tours are possible on request.

TX Brewery

This small-scale craft beer brewery is located in the village of Oosterend. The TX brewery originated from a collaboration between Stokerij Texel, Paal 17 and a few partners. Brewmaster Nico Derks used to be a brewer of various breweries, both on Texel and in the rest of the Netherlands. Beers that they brew include TX Donkerblond, TX Hopblond and TX Goudwit. The beer is available in cans at supermarkets and restaurants all over Texel.

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