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Did you know that Texel has its own drinks? From TX Gin, to the well-known specialty beer Skuumkoppe and well-known Juttertje! Read the top 5 of Texel drinks here.

Top 5 Texel tipples

Texels Skuumkoppe
De Texelse bierbrouwerij has conquered the Netherlands! In particular, Texels Skuumkoppe, a beer with a fruity flavour with almond and caramel accents, has achieved global fame. Skuumkoppe takes its name from the white foam on the dark sea that formed a backdrop for beach combers as they searched the shoreline for washed-up cargo. If you would like to see how Skuumkoppe is brewed, you will be glad to know that De Texelse Bierbrouwerij holds guided tours.

Beachcombing (“jutten”) is an ages-old tradition on Texel: tough men would scour the beaches (and sometimes the sea), in all weathers and at all the hours of the day and night. Arriving home soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone, they would drink a Juttertje. In fact, Juttertje is perhaps Texel’s most well-known dram!

TX Gin
Texel gin is made in Oosterend and flavoured with tones of sea-buckthorn and elder flowers. This extremely refreshing and tasty gin can be drunk neat or in cocktails. You can also visit the distillery Stokerij Texel!

Kees Boontje
Kees Boon was a Texel beachcomber who saved a Swede from drowning; the rescued man showed his gratitude by giving Kees Boon his secret recipe for herbal cordial. This delectable cordial tastes good, even if you aren’t drinking it on Texel!

Texel wine
Wijngaard De Kroon is one of the most northern vineyards in Europe. Three hectares of land produce grapes that make 6,000 litres - no less! - of white, red and rosé wine. If you would like to find out more about the origins of this vineyard, the grapes and the production process, why not go on a guided tour or visit a tasting?

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