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Did you know that Texel has several of its own drinks? From TX Gin, to the famous Texel special beer and widely known Juttertje! We list a few of them.

Texel's Skuumkoppe

Texel beer is conquering the Netherlands! Texels Skuumkoppe is widely known. The beer has a fruity taste with accents of almond and caramel. Skuumkoppe owes its name to the white foam on the dark sea that beachcombers saw as they scoured the beach in search of washed-up shiploads.

Texel wine

Vineyard De Kroon is one of the northernmost vineyards in Europe. Grapes grow on three hectares of land to make as much as 6,000 litres of white, red and rosé wine. Would you like to know more about the origins of this vineyard, the grapes and the making process? Then visit one of the tours or tastings.

TX Gin

The Texel gin is distilled in Oosterend and spiced with notes of sea buckthorn and elderflower. A particularly fresh, flavourful gin that can be drunk pure or in cocktails. You can also visit Stokerij Texel!


On Texel, beachcombing is an age-old tradition. At night and at dawn, sturdy men are tracking on the beach (and sometimes even in the sea). When they return home soaking wet and cold, they drink Juttertje. Juttertje is perhaps the most famous drink on Texel!

More Texel drinks

And there is more... How about a beer from Brouwerij TX, Tesselaar Familiebrouwerij or Brouwerij De Boei? Or a Texel whiskey? And if you're looking for a wide range of Texel (herbal) liqueurs, drop by Slijterij Smidt-Witte in Den Burg!

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