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Distillery de Lepelaar, located at Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis, develops and produces artisanal, pure and natural drinks on a small scale. Such as cranberry liqueur, grain gin, a special herbal bitter called Wadloper and more ...

Texel whiskey

Texel whiskey is also made at De Lepelaar. Making a nice whiskey is not a short-term project. It takes a lot of time, energy and love.

Raw materials

It all started with three recipes for the Texel whiskey: one based on barley malt, another based on peat smoked malt and a recipe with different (organic) cereals. Most grain comes from Texel, such as from Zorgboederij Novalishoeve. In addition, a grain is specially cultivated for the Texel Whiskey, Triticale, which is a cross between rye and wheat. For a number of years now, the Lepelaar has been working on a special, self-smoked variant of the Texel whiskey. Seaweed is harvested from the Wadden Sea in a sustainable manner. This is used to smoke the grain above. The smoke passes through the malt and gives off an extra taste and smell. The first trials have been successful, the first brews have now been made with it and the first distillates are aged in oak barrels.

Selling points on Texel

You can buy the Texel whiskey at Landgoed de Bonte Belevenis and Slijterij Smidt-Witte, Waalderstraat in Den Burg.The whiskey is also served at Texel catering establishments, such as Whiskey Bar het Kompas, Hotel Greenside, Op Oost and Hotel Prins Hendrik.

Recipes with whiskey

Would you like to prepare a dish with Texel whiskey? Then take a look at the following recipes:

Guided tour and tasting

Would you like to take a look at Distillery de Lepelaar? This is possible! During a tour you will learn more about the Texel whiskey and you can participate in a small tasting.

More about Texel food and drinks

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