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Texel webshops with culinary products

From sheep's cheese to tea: on Texel you will find a wide range of Texel products. You can also continue to enjoy these products at home. Via the following webshops, you can order various Texel products 24/7 and have them delivered to your home. Nice (and tasty) gifts too!

Note: some webshops only deliver to Texel

Bakker Timmer

Horn ring, speculaas, the biscuits in Texel shape: these and many more specialities from Bakkerij Timmer can also be delivered to your home for coffee and tea, via www.bakkertimmer.nl/webshop.

Texel Catering

Want a fresh breakfast delivered or fancy a drinks board? If you are on Texel, you can choose all kinds of goodies from the Texel Catering webshop. Choose a date and time and your order will be delivered to your holiday address.

Echte Texelse producten

Many of the products produced on Texel are available at www.texelseproducten.nl. You can order them individually and also in a nice gift package here.

Smakelijk & Meer

Smakelijk & Meer have the tastiest snacks, various delicacies and freshly made sandwiches. The range is very extensive and offers as many honest and organic products as possible. The Smakelijk & Meer products can be ordered via www.smakelijkenmeer.nl/webshop

Kaasboerderij Wezenspyk

The gift cheeses, drinks packages and pieces of cheese (from 500 gr.) can be delivered to your home via www.wezenspyk-aan-huis.nl/winkel.

Vispaleis en Rokerij van der Star

Fish Palace and Smokehouse is the place to go for fresh fish from the North Sea and foreign waters caught by Texelaars. Products such as fresh fish, smoked fish, fish dishes and more can be ordered via this link: www.vispaleistexel.nl/winkel

Texels Vlees

Slagerij Moormann & De Boer's webshop is called Texels Vlees. In the webshop you can order real Texels meat and preserved meat: https://www.texelsvlees.nl/

Slagerij Goënga

From lamb chops to lamb sausage: all kinds of Texel lamb can be ordered online at www.texelsbestellen.nl. The products are shipped chilled.

Slagerij Dros

Slagerij Dros is an artisanal butcher specialising in Texel beef, pork and lamb. You can order this butcher's products via www.slagerijdros.nl/webshop

Slagerij Maas

The owners of this butcher's shop, Rob and Meta Maas, buy locally as much as possible, e.g. the beef comes from the blond cows that run on De Hoge Berg and the pork from free-range pigs from De Cocksdorp. The products can be ordered via www.slagerijmaastexel.nl/online-bestellen


Sheep farmers Jan-Willem Bakker of Sheep Farm the Waddel & Arjen Boerhorst of Sheep Farm De Hoge Kamp sell lamb meat packages through the website of local2local.nl. You can have a lamb package delivered to your home via this link.

Stokerij Texel

Looking for gin, cocktails, vodka or other drinks with Texel products? Then you've come to the right place at Stokerij Texel. You can order the drinks via the website: www.stokerijtexel.nl

Brouwerij TX

This brewery brews unfiltered, unpasteurised beer for a wide audience. Beers include TX Dark Blonde, TX Hop Blonde and TX Gold White. You can order the beers via www.brouwerijtx.nl

Texelse bierbrouwerij

Texels has been brewing award-winning speciality beers since 1999. To brew these beers, raw materials are sourced locally as much as possible. You can order the Texel special beers via www.webshop.texels.nl

De Slock

De slock has its own online sjop with mainly a rich assortment of speciality beers and other drinks. You can order De Slock's products via www.deslock.nl/sjop

Mosterdmakkerij Texel

Ever heard of Texel mustard? From the mustard seeds grown on Texel, Mosterdmakerij Texel makes various types of mustard. You can order Mosterdmakerij Texel's products via www.mosterdmakerijtexel.nl/webshop

De Texelse Chocolaterie

Want to enjoy De Texelse Chocolaterie chocolates at home? Make your choice online at www.detexelsechocolaterie.nl/collections/all.

Landgoed De Bonte Belevenis

Products, such as tea, made at De Bonte Belevenis Estate are available through this link: www.landgoeddebontebelevenis.nl/koop-het/webshop.

Texelse branding

Not in the mood for tea? Then you can also order coffee via www.texelsebranding.nl/collections/all

Culinaire boeken

The books written by Annette van Ruitenburg, including The Taste of Texel and Liever Lokaal, can be ordered at www.annettevanruitenburg.nl/winkel/.

VVV Texel

You can order the Texelfan cooking apron and various cookbooks through the VVV Texel shop. Mail to info@texel.net

More Texel webshops

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