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Texel webshops with toiletries

The island's scents are unique! Several Texel companies have processed them, together with Texel ingredients, into beautiful care products. From shower gel to hand cream, you can have these products delivered to your home via the following webshops.

Note: some webshops only deliver to Texel

O'de Texel

O'de Texel's TX365 eau de toilette, shower gel and body lotion are available separately and as gift packs at www.odetexel.nl/webshop.


All Texelana care products contain the same ingredient: lanolin from sheep's wool. In the webshop www.texelana.nl/verzorgingsproducten you can find several products that restore the skin naturally and can be used for dry or irritated skin.

De Noordkroon

Inspired by the special properties of wool grease, The North Crown has been making various personal care products for decades. From hand cream to lip fat, check out the products at www.noordkroon.nl/winkel.

Texelse Producten

Want to put together a package with Texel care products? You can do so in the webshops at www.texelseproducten.nl.

More Texel webshops

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