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Texel Potatoes

A wide variety of potatoes is grown on Texel. The potatoes are planted in April and harvested in September.


Texel has its own variety of potato: Texla! This variety is resistant to the infamous fungal disease, Phytophthora. This exceptional potato was developed by Gelein Janzen and is extremely suitable for kitchen gardens. Because this variety does not need any crop protection agents. Because it almost fully resistant to fungal infections, this potato has the best chance of succeeding if it is grown as a natural product.

This waxy potato has a good flavour and is often used in salads and for deep-frying. Keijser Aardappelen & Asperges sell seed potatoes from February to April so you can grow them, harvest them and last but certainly not least, sample them yourself!

Try Texel’s potatoes

You can buy these potatoes from Keijser Aardappelen & Asperges and from a number of little market stalls in places like Den Hoorn. In addition, De Smulpot has Texel potatoes on the menu; try them with sea bass or veal rib-eye steak.

Recipes with Texel potatoes

If you would like to try using Texel potatoes in a recipe, how about the recipe below?

We are very grateful to Annette van Ruitenburg, author of the cookbook 'De Smaak van Texel', for this article.

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