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Collecting oysters on the mudflats

On Texel you can pick up fresh sea oysters from the mudflats yourself! All you need: boots and a bucket. You can pick them up at various places along the Wadden Sea. Read our tips for picking and opening the oysters here.

Large oyster beds can be found along the Waddendijk and near the Cocksdorp. In the Netherlands, you are allowed to catch up to 10 kilos of shellfish, provided they are for your own use.

The best months of the year to do this are the ones with the letter 'r' in them. The ideal time? Low tide. For more information about the tides, see the tide tabel for Texel. Although you could decide to set out and fish for oysters yourself, you might find it even more fun to sign up for a trip organised by the Texel Oyster Man!

How do you open an oyster?

Have you been out fishing and come back with some delicious oysters? Well, now the time has come to eat them. Although it's quite difficult to open oysters initially, practice really does make perfect. It's a piece of cake once you know how. This is the best way to open an oyster:
1. Grab hold
Place the oyster in a tea towel that you have folded in half, making sure that the flat part of the shell is facing upwards.
2. Insert
Insert a strong knife (or special oyster knife) into the joint between the two halves of the shell. Carefully edge the knife into the shell, opening it with a short turning motion.
3. Cut
Now separate the two halves of the shell by cutting them in two. Make sure that you keep the oyster straight so that you avoiding spilling any oyster liquor on yourself.
4. Eat
Remove any grit. Sprinkle the oyster with some lemon juice, put your head back and enjoy!

Texel recipe with oysters

Do you want to get started with your bucket of freshly picked oysters? Then view this recipe and taste the deliciousness of the mudflats.

> Oysters au gratin in Texel beer

Don't want to go fishing for oysters yourself?

If you fancy eating oysters, but would prefer to have them opened and served by a professional, you'll be pleased to know that oysters are on the menu in a number of restaurants. Het Pakhuus is just one.

Did you know...

... oysters are good for you
Oysters contain vitamins B12, B3 and D are also rich in magnesium and zinc. Both help stimulate our metabolism. The high level of zinc in oysters protects us against colds, helps wounds heal, promotes healthy bones, makes our hair look great and improves our memory too. Oysters are a low-calorie delicacy and easy to digest.

... oysters are the food of love
Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was an 18th century adventurer from Venice. Today, Casanova is remembered most for his womanising. He lived to the age of 73 and, according to his (6,000-page!) memoirs, he 'loved' a different woman every day… What you might not know is that Casanova loved oysters too. He said that they were food for the mind, senses and love and ate 50 of them every day! The reputation of oysters as a powerful aphrodisiac is thanks in part to Casanova.

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