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On the organic farm Novalishoeve, Texel dairy products, among other things, are made. A herd of cows is walking around in the meadows around the yard, delivering liters of fresh whole milk every day!

Texel dairy products

You can buy the milk in glass bottles, but it is also processed into delicious dairy products. Yogurt, quark, buttermilk and cheese are made from the milk. Forest fruits or a hint of sea buckthorn complete the yogurt.

They also make fresh ice cream and sorbet at Novalishoeve. The ice season parallels the period in which the cows are outside. The ice makers are at work from April to October. All ingredients used are organic. In particular, our own products are used for the ice cream: milk, cream, yogurt, quark, fruit and herbs.

Selling points

The dairy products are processed at Novalishoeve itself and sold in the shop in the yard. They supply their products to supermarkets such as the Jumbo in De Koog, Spar Goënga in Den Hoorn and EkoPlaza in Den Burg.

The products are also processed or sold at Texel catering establishments such as beach pavilion Paal 9, Landal Greenpark, Hotel Opduin and Greenside, Maartenhuis, Prins Hendrik Hotel and Hotel Molenbos.

Recipes with dairy

Would you like to make a dish with Texel dairy from Novalishoeve? Check out the following recipes:

Savoury tart with tomato and courgette
Jan in de zak
Texel Trifle
Beet plate pie with pear and sheep cheese

Visit Novalishoeve

There is always something to discover, taste or do in the yard for young and old. The yard and shop are accessible without reservation. The employees are happy to talk proudly about the work and life at Novalishoeve.

This article was made possible in part by Annette van Ruitenburg, author of the cookbook De Smaak van Texel and Novalishoeve.

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