Geocaching in het bos VVV Texel

Geocaching is both outdoor exercise and a game: a quest for a cache (“treasure”), usually with the aid of a GPS receiver. In most cases, the cache is a tiny, waterproof container with a logbook and the “treasure”.

Once the treasure is hidden, the hider reveals the locations to other geocachers, usually on the Internet. When they find the treasure, the geocachers can exchange it for other items or add to the cache, which also always includes a logbook so that the finder can leave his or her name. The finder is also supposed to leave a message on the website of the cache in question, even he or she does not manage to find the treasure.

The Myth of Texel

There are dozens and dozens of caches on Texel, including “The Myth of Texel', a multi-cache inspired by the book De Mythe van Texel.

The legend myth tells of a shipwreck in 1610, on All Hallows’ Eve. Eight men from Texel left the ship, setting off in a longboat to find help. Rescuers arrived, but the eight heroes and their longboat had disappeared without a trace. Their ghosts, skimme in the Texel dialect, mysteriously return once in a while to rescue people. To “log” this cache, the players must travel at least 72 kilometres, drawn on by the story, so please allow for plenty of time.

This cache can be easily combined with other caches on the island. The adventures take place at different times, on remarkable spots and against a backdrop of distinctive Texel circumstances. This cache paints a diverse picture of the island, its maritime history, its friendly villages, its strong-willed folk, its unusual historic events and peculiar customs.

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