Winterbeeld Texel

Winter on Texel: 8 tips

Texel is ready for a wonderful winter! This season, there is lots to see and do on the island. Here are our top 8 tips for a fabulous winter on Texel. With great variety, so there is something for all ages!

These are 8 must-do Texel winter activities:

1. Warm up by the fireplace

Stel met Texels biertje
Stel met Texels biertje
Photographer: Evalien Weterings

Warm up by the fireplace after a walk. Our tip: cosy up to the fire at the Boerderij Eethuis Catharinahoeve in De Dennen. Or get warm and toasty by the wood-burning stove at one of the beach pavilions at Paal 15, 17, 28 or 33.

2. Want to explore nature?

Enjoy the feeling of space and peace and quiet in nature on Texel. How about a visit to the southernmost tip of Texel: De Hors? Here, in Texel’s most unspoilt piece of nature, you can walk for hours, sheltered from the wind by the dunes.

3. Discover Texel... from a bed

Want to discover the island from the comfort of a wonderfully soft bed in the Texel bed cinema? Every hour, Texelwool in Oudeschild shows a free film about Texel and ‘the making of’ Texel duvets with sheep’s wool, among other things. Mon to Fri incl.

4. Stargazing at the obsevatory

Want to learn more about the night sky and explore it through a telescope? In the winter season, regular stargazing nights are held at the Volkssterrenwacht De Jager observatory. Advance registration is preferred.

5. Birdwatching

In the winter, Texel is a fantastic place for birdwatching. Why not see if you can spot a few birds yourself at Utopia, on the mudflats or in the dunes? Or book a birdwatching excursion via VVV Texel online or in our shop.

6. Woolness

Woolness is half an hour of pure relaxation, wrapped up in sheep’s wool. During a wool bath at Boutique Hotel Texel, you experience the surprising benefits of real Texel sheep’s wool. This is wellness at its best!

7. Winter wagon rides

Jan Plezier in De Slufter
Jan Plezier in De Slufter
Photographer: Wilfried Manhaeve

Discover Texel nature in the winter during a wagon ride with Puur Texel or Jan Plezier. Along the way, you are treated to a hot drink and cake. Jan Plezier offers special winter woodland rides in the Christmas holidays.

8. Day out in Den Burg

Winkelen in Den Burg Weverstraat
Winkelen in Den Burg Weverstraat
Photographer: Evalien Weterings

Fancy a day out shopping? Den Burg has a wonderful range of Texel souvenirs, sheepskins and more. On Sundy in the Christmas vaction, you can also enjoy some Sunday shopping. And what better way to end your shopping trip than with a bock beer at one of the pubs? Or visit Proeflokaal De Zwaan and taste the different beers from all five breweries on Texel.

More to explore

For more information about these tips, please see our agenda. We wish you a wonderful winter!

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