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Den Burg

Den Burg is the 'capital' of Texel. It is home to almost half of the circa 14,000 inhabitants of Texel. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this is a vibrant village. You're in the right page if you're looking for tips for things to do there!

Lots to see and do

Den Burg has much to offer. It boasts great shops, cosy terraces, good restaurants, but also historic buildings, a museum, swimming pool and cinema. And did you know that you can climb the highest church tower? At the top, you can enjoy magnificent views.

Historic buildings

The Reformed church 'De Burght' at Binnenburg really defines Den Burg’s landscape. This tower can be climbed every Monday between 10:00 and 12:30. Also fun is a visit to Oudheidkamer. This museum is situated in one of Den Burg’s oldest houses. Walking excursions through Den Burg are regularly organised. Do contact us for more information about these. Anyone for shopping?

Great shopping

Shop until you drop! This is definitely the case in Den Burg where you can find a mix of famous chains of shops and special little shops that make the shopping heart of Den Burg such fun. With great home accessories, trinkets and unique souvenirs. And lots of clothes shops too. Shops like Mantje Lifestyle Stores offer a wide range of beautiful brands. And in between, indulging in a nice cup of coffee and delicious Texel cake, of course!

Food and drink in Den Burg

Bakery Bakker Timmer offers a great selection of mouth-watering Texel specialities. In addition, there are various restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner. Pancakes, pizza, fresh fish, chips with satay or an extensive three-course dinner. Options galore! Many chefs also love introducing you to Texel specialities and real Texel products.

And many more activities

Most of the central island facilities are situated in Den Burg. Makes sense, as about half of circa 14,000 Texel people live in Den Burg. Fancy some action? Den Burg has several martial arts schools and outdoor swimming pool Molenkoog at Slingerweg. Open to the public from King’s Day to early September.

A day out in Den Burg

Even if you are staying elsewhere on Texel, a daytrip to Den Burg is a must. Tip: In July and August, a summer market is held every Wednesday with a different theme every week.

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