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Excursions to wildlife areas

You will enjoy the vast nature reserves and special plants and animals on Texel even more if you join an excursion with someone who tells you all about them.

Nature excursions

You have a choice of a wide range of excursions through nature reserves. These often take you to places that are otherwise closed to the public. Most excursions can be booked via Ecomare. Natuurmonumenten also offers many nature excursions. These can be found in What's on.

Are you looking for a unique and adventurous experience on Texel? Discover the island together with Txgids! Marcel van Txgids offers various excursions such as through De Slufter and De Hors.

Bird-watching excursions

Every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, bird-watching centre Vogelinformatiecentrum Texel organises bird-watching excursions for young and old in bird-rich areas in the northern tip of Texel led by experienced bird-watchers.
In the holiday periods, there are special children’s excursions.

Klaas de Jong of Calidris picks up the participants of the bird-watching safaris at home/at their accommodation with the safari minivan and in a short time takes them around a number of stunning nature reserves while giving information about the birds that frequent them.

Do you like to take pictures? During the birdwatching excursions of nature photographer Jos van den Berg of BirdingTexel you can also get expert advice on photographing birds.

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