Kinderen bekijken oude ambacht in Museum Kaap Skil

10 x autumn outings for kids

Are you and the family visiting Texel this autumn? Would you like to feel the wind in your hair as you walk along the beach, hunt for mushrooms in the woods or visit some of Texel’s museums? We have listed the most exciting excursions for you here:

1. Search for mushrooms

They pop out of the ground everywhere: mushrooms. Search together for the most beautiful mushrooms in the Texel forest. Visit De Dennen! A true mushroom paradise.

2. Flora, the beach-combing and maritime museum

Discover the maritime past and present at Beachcombing Museum Flora! A fun treasure hunt goes right through all the washed up beach finds.

3. Star gazing in nature

Admire the starry sky above Texel. It is still really dark on the island. Enjoy the silence in nature and the intensely dark nights. Tip: go to De Slufter on a clear evening for star gazing.

4. Texel sheep farm

The Texel sheep farm is open daily for visitors. At 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. there is a sheep herding demonstration with the dogs and lambs are still being born.

5. Climb the lighthouse

Why not take a walk along the wide expanses of beach and feel the wind in your hair, then climb all the stairs of the lighthouse? At the top you have an impressive view. Is the weather a bit disappointing? There is also a lot to see inside!

6. Children's play paradise

At Holiday Park De Krim you will find the largest indoor playground on Texel. There are trampolines, climbing and climbing equipment and slides. Entrance is free.

7. Farm Hoeve Vrij en Blij

Curious about life on the farm Hoeve Vrij en Blij? Throughout the year you can cuddle lambs, pet / brush pigs, but also feed the ponies and donkeys. The entrance is free.

8. Visit Ecomare

It doesn't really matter what season it is for a visit to Ecomare. Here you can view seals, porpoises and other marine animals. The Wondelijk Wad exhibition is also fun for children. Games, videos and accessible texts make Wonderlijk Wad suitable for all ages.

9. Walk the Sommeltjespad

A walk through the forest for young children, where they can find their own way on the basis of the Sommeltjes. These are Texel gnomes, who, according to old stories, come to life at night. Read more about the route here.

10. Museum Kaap Skil

Museum Kaap Skil is an experience for the whole family, both indoors and outdoors! View the treasures that have emerged from shipwrecks, discover the Reede van Texel and step back in time in the open-air museum.

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