Museum Kaap Skil

A visit to Museum Kaap Skil in Oudeschild on Texel is an experience; there is a lot to do. The exhibitions are about shipping, fishing, maritime history and recovered finds from shipwrecks. In the open-air museum behind the entrance building, you can experience Oudeschild as it used to be. In the model of the Reede van Texel you imagine yourself on a large sailing ship in 1650. Look through the binoculars at the ships and see what is happening on board. Also check out all the stuff that divers have found on the seabed. From beautiful porcelain to seafarers' consumables and ship parts. Sunk centuries ago and now on display! On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, from May to October, crafts are demonstrated in the outdoor area. The fish smoker, rope maker, netmaker, spinster, blacksmith and ship model builder are regularly at work. On Wednesdays, the mill turns and grain is ground. In the Jutterij you will find thousands of things that have washed up on the beach and collected in all kinds of weather. Do you want to hear the stories of the beachcomber? Then check the agenda on the website when he tells about his adventures. In the TESO exhibition you can sail in the simulator with the ferry Dokter Wagemaker. Try to dock it in the harbor! Museum Kaap Skil is a great outing for the whole family!


Heemskerckstraat 9


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