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Museum Waelstee

The Wadden island of Texel has a rich history when it comes to farm life. Come along to Museum Waelstee in De Waal to see what (farming) life used to be like on Texel. The museum is housed in a charming little old farm in the centre of Texel's oldest village.

Agricultural history

Every year, the museum puts on a new exhibition focusing on one of its central themes: farming, grassland farming, flower bulb cultivation and transport. Even if you come to our island more often, you can always see something new there. The museum's permanent collection features authentic farmers' trucks and carriages, horse-sleighs and old agricultural machinery. You will also see all kinds of machines and objects that were used to process milk and prepare cheese and butter. Come along and experience for yourself what it was like for Texel farming families to live and work on farms here 100 years ago. A particular focus is placed on the role played by women in farming, dairy farming and flax and wool processing.

The forge

Regular demonstrations are held in the forge. The products made there are also available to buy as souvenirs in the museum.
The cultural-historic museum often puts on temporary art exhibitions too.

Visit Museum Waelstee

Museum Waelstee can be found in Texel's smallest village, De Waal. The museum is open from March until the end of October. Want to buy your ticket in advance? Then check our agenda

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