Sterrenhemel boven De Slufter fotowedstrijd VVV Texel Miklas Borbe

Star gazing? These are the best locations on Texel

In the evening it is still really dark on the island. When the weather is clear, you can see countless stars. Would you like to spot stars tonight? These are our favorite places:

De Slufter

Sterrenhemel boven De Slufter fotowedstrijd VVV Texel Miklas Borbe
Photographer: Miklas Borbe

There is no source of light in this huge nature reserve. The darkness in this nature reserve therefore ensures that you can see the stars perfectly.

Prins Hendrikzanddijk viewpoint

From the bird watching point in the area of the Prins Hendrikzanddijk you can see the Wadden Sea with a starry sky.

The beach

Sterrenhemel op het strand VVV Texel Andre van der Meulen
Photographer: André van der Meulen

Have you ever run on the beach in the dark? Well worth the effort! You can now experience the sounds of the sea and the wind even more. And you'll find that you don't need a flashlight. Your eyes get used to the darkness here quickly.

Mill 't Noorden

Sterren bij de molen Fotograaf Suzanne Boon VVV Texel
Photographer: Suzanne Boon

The mill in Oost offers a nice contrast to the starry sky. Due to the ambient light, it is advisable to visit this place later in the evening. Then the sky is extra dark.

Observatory at Ecomare

Would you like to learn more about the starry sky? Then visit an evening touring the Texel Volkssterrenwacht De Jager. Here you can also take a closer look at the stars through a telescope.

Sleep under the stars

Sterren kijken vanuit bed VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner
Photographer: Justin Sinner

With a large window in the bedroom, you can also see the stars beautifully from your bed. Our tips: Villas from Buytenplaats, the Just Watching Stars suite and this holiday home in Park De Parel.

Photographing stars is quite an art. Texel photographers Justin Sinner and Richard Heerschap go out regularly. Check out her Instagram for some inspiration.

Is your favorite place not listed yet? Let us know at and we will add it!

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