Brievenbus in Den Burg

Mailboxes at Texel

Want to let those back home know how much fun your stay on Texel was? Or just send a nice, sweet card? See all the mailboxes on the island below, so you don't have to search any longer. Generally, the mailboxes have a 4 p.m. posting time, so if you mail a card before then, it's often delivered the next day!

Special stamps

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Den Burg

There are five mailboxes in Den Burg.
1. Bernhardlaan 2, Den Burg.
2. Vogelenzang 25, Den Burg.
3. De Zes 12, Den Burg.
4. Schilpbanck 3, Den Burg.
5. Gerritslanderdijkje 148, Den Burg.

De Koog

There are two mailboxes in De Koog.
1. Bosrandweg 395, De Koog.
2. Brink 6, De Koog.

Den Hoorn

There are two mailboxes in Den Hoorn.
1. Diek 1, Den Hoorn.
2. De Dageraad 16, Den Hoorn.


There is one mailbox in Oudeschild.
1. Heemskerckstraat 1, Oudeschild.

De Waal

There is one mailbox in De Waal.
1. Hogereind 50, De Waal.


There are two mailboxes in Oosterend.
1. Kerkstraat 3, Oosterend.
2. Oost 12, Oosterend.

De Cocksdorp

There are four mailboxes in De Cocksdorp.
1. Muyweg 45, De Cocksdorp.
2. Oorsprongweg 43, De Cocksdorp.
3. Molenlaan 14, De Cocksdorp.
4. Krimweg 102, De Cocksdorp.

A larger package?

Do you have a larger package and are you looking for a DHL or a PostNL point? Look below for the overview.

PostNL points:
1. De Naal 1, Den Hoorn.
2. Vlamkast 15, Oudeschild.
3. Abbewaal 10, Den Burg.
4. Brink 6, De Koog.
5. Kerkstraat 3, Oosterend.
6. Molenlaan 14, De Cocksdorp. At Plus Supermarkets.

DHL points:
1. Parkstraat 28, Den Burg.
2. Heemskerckstraat 17, Oudeschild.
3. Nikadel 75, De Koog.

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