Boerderij Novalishoeve met speelerf VVV Texel

5 tips for the half-term holidays on Texel

During the spring break there is plenty to do on Texel for young and old! It's the perfect time for a relaxing family holiday.
We have collected our favourite tips for you, so you can explore the island to the fullest during the holiday.

1. Spot the snowdrops

In early spring, you can spot snowdrops in many places on the island. Especially in De Dennen you can spot these spring bloomers during a walk or bicycle ride.

Sneeuwklokjes Leonie VVV00074
Sneeuwklokjes Leonie VVV00074

2. Farmer's ice cream

From mid-February, you can enjoy an ice cream at IJsboerderij Labora or Novalishoeve. Delicious and self made scoop ice cream, made from fresh milk and cream from own dairy cows. Both farms have a fun play ground for the kids.

3. The first lambs

Schapen en lammetjes in de sneeuw Leonie VVV00678
Schapen en lammetjes in de sneeuw Leonie VVV00678

Spring on Texel belongs to the lambs and with a bit of luck you can spot the first lambs during the spring holiday. As soon as the lambs are big enough they stay outside day and night. They don't get cold and this way they become big, strong Texel sheep. You can cuddle lambs at Schapenboerderij Texel.

4. Get a breath of fresh air on the beach

Take a walk among the dunes, across the broad expanses of Texel’s beaches and enjoy hot chocolate at one of the beach pavilions. A great favourite among very young children is the Sommeltjespad; they can hunt for Texel’s Sommeltjes – gnomes – as they explore the woods.

5. Taste the Texel products

Texelse webshop bestel texelseproducten VVV Texel
Texelse webshop bestel texelseproducten VVV Texel

From sheep cheese to specialty beer: many products are traditionally made on the island. And you want to taste it! You can buy them at many shops, it is even more fun to taste them in the Texel restaurants. View the overview of Texel restaurants and reserve a spot.

More information and ideas are available from our List of What’s On.

Are you still looking for a stay on Texel during the spring break? View here which accommodations are still available!

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