Kindje speelt op het strand bij de vuurtoren VVV Texel fotograaf Justin Sinner

3 tips for taking summer photographs on Texel

The heather is in full bloom, every evening starts is highlighted by a wonderful sunset and amazing cloud formations: Texel is extremely photogenic in the summer! Wouldn’t you like to know what makes a summer snap an amazing photograph? We asked one of the island’s professional photographers, Evalien Weterings from Vakdesign, to give us some tips. Evalien, who acquired fame as Texel’s own beach photographer, has ample experience of family photography. Her favourite location is under Texel’s lighthouse.

Photographer Evalien Weterings’ tips

1. Take the sun’s position into consideration

The sun is at its brightest about midday, so it’s not the best time for taking pictures. If you still want to take photographs, try using a flash. The hours before sunset, the golden hours, are a brilliant moment for lovely pictures of the sea.

2. Take spontaneous pictures of children

Children look best in pictures when they are having fun. Texel is a paradise for children. Try to keep them entertained – with a bucket and spade, for instance. Or ask them to build a sand castle with the shells. If you want the children in a particular pose, try and make it a game, or ask them to copy Mummy and Daddy (positioned behind the photographer). Such snaps are often the most appealing!

3. Remember to pick a good background

Look for a tranquil background: the beach or the dunes are ideal. The colours of the sea, the sand and the sky will make your skin look radiant. Agree on a colour combination if you are in a group. Avoid lots of stripes and dots and think carefully about supposedly witty texts. A picture often turns out well if it contains several different shades. Take your shoes for a less formal pose. As the wind can be quite strong on Texel, remember to have some hair bands or hairspray handy. Before I start on any photo shoot, I ask everyone to empty their pockets because large mobiles or key rings can look a bit strange if they are visible.

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