Tanken op Texel VVV Texel

Refueling on Texel

You can refuel your fuel in several places on Texel.

Below is an overview of fuel stations on the island. Some stations only offer self-service. At all petrol stations you can pay 24 hours a day with your PIN card or credit card.

Gas stations on Texel

On the map of Texel with petrol stations you can see at a glance where the nearest petrol station is for you.

Kaartje tankstations op Texel VVV Texel
Kaartje tankstations op Texel VVV Texel
Photographer: VVV Texel

Addresses of petrol stations on Texel

• Esso Selfservice Waalderstraat 53 1791 EB Den Burg
• Garage and Texaco petrol station Grisnigt Bernhardlaan 170 1791 XJ Den Burg
• Garage and Texaco petrol station Westend Oosterenderweg 52-A 1794 D Oosterend
• Gulf gas station and car wash Kaczor Keesomlaan 45 1791 DB Den Burg
• Texaco petrol station Kievit Pontweg 113 1791 LA Den Burg
• Texaco filling station Kikkert Nikadel 75 1796 BR De Koog
• Texaco Selfservice Post Road 83 1795 JL De Cocksdorp

No LPG filling stations on Texel

There is no place on Texel where you can refuel LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas). The nearest LPG station is in Den Helder.

EV Charging stations on Texel

Electric cars are welcome on Texel. There are more and more places on the island where you can charge your electric car. Here is an overview of the public charging stations on Texel and accommodation with a private or shared charging station.

Car wash

Is your car dirty? In the car wash at garage Rentenaar and at ABS Graaf paint shop, you can choose from various washing programmes for the best result. You can quickly continue exploring the island with a spotless car.

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