Huifkartocht in De Slufter met de Jan Plezier VVV Texel

Special rides on Texel

Would you like to try something a bit different? For example, moving around Texel in a special way? Take a look below for a list of exceptional rides!

1. The Texelrider

The Texelrider is a unique bicycle on Texel, but also in the Netherlands! With this two-, three-, four- or five-seater four-wheeler you cruise around the island! This is definitely a fun family outing and you will of course see lots of beautiful things along the way. Historic villages, the Wadden Sea, meadows with Texel sheep and finches, the VOC harbour and Fort de Schans.

2. Tuk Tuk Express

Another special ride is with the Tuk Tuk Express! You have several options, such as a Tuk Tuk Rally or a Safari Trip. With the Tuk Tuk Rally, you set off on your own and with the Safari Trip, you join a guided tour. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

3. Texel Cruiser

The Texel Cruiser is an electrically powered scooter that allows you to tour the island silently. You also look very cool riding one of these Texel Cruisers. Also a special mode of transport!

4. Covered wagon trip

You can also be driven around Texel in a covered wagon. This is possible at Jan Plezier or Puur Texel. The Jan Plezier covered wagon ride takes you through the nature at De Slufter and the Puur Texel covered wagon ride takes you over the authentic Hoge Berg area.

5. Boat trip

Hop on a fast boat in the harbour at Oudeschild. Some go even faster than others. Want a truly exceptional ride to remember? Then go Rib sailing with the Bruuzer or join the Sop-Speedy boat trip.

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